Hannity, i got some luda lyrics fo ya move bia get out the way

luda is controversial wtf i really couldnt watch the last half i got a bit irritated but on the real obama got the presidency locked wht u gonna do brother? why not speak about the great things luda has done with his charity but na u dont hear that and i can understand why the obama campaign took the stance he did but what did he say that wasnt true and even if its not its his perspective and getting a huge majority of people to take part in this great thing we call a democracy that have never been involved before and the only b and ho i see is when hannity looks in the mirror YES WE CAN and jst 4 luda the same thing goes 4 bill o riley and we wont eve talk about the 700,000 signatures nas got but seriously fox news wht u gonna do when obama is president 2 and luda is still killing it. If i had my way luda would play that shizz at obamas inagural shin dig. (i know thts not how u spell inagural but im hooked on phonics and dont have the time to spell check).


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